Why Reclining Chairs are so Beneficial for Elderly Patients

elderly sitting in chair holding a ball

When taking care of elderly patients, particularly as mobility deteriorates, it is important to equip their home appropriately in order to maintain independence and preserve dignity, while at the same time keeping them safe from injury. However, while grab rails and bath lifts and other equipment are invaluable in providing a safe environment, an often overlooked element of the patient’s home is their furniture, particularly their sitting chair.

Sitting for long periods of time can lead to significant health concerns in an elderly patient, such as pressure ulcers and issues around circulation and posture. However, a Rise and Recline chair can alleviate many of these concerns and help to prolong the user’s independence. Here are some of the reasons you should consider a Rise and Recline chair for your patient.

Pressure Distribution

Many Riser and Recliner chairs, such as those manufactured by Rise and Recline UK Ltd. are tailor-made to the patient’s measurements. This allows for the feet to be planted firmly on the floor so the user’s weight is distributed appropriately through the legs. In addition, the adjustable features of the chair, allow the patient to change their seating position to a more comfortable configuration to avoid developing pressure ulcers.

Postural Support

Again, a Rise and Recline chair built to your patient’s dimensions, will offer greater postural support and mitigate medical complications caused by poor posture. The dimensions of the chair provide greater weight distribution through the feet and appropriate pelvic alignment while sitting for long periods of time. Our article on correct posture will provide further information on the considerations when conducting a seating assessment of your patient.

Reduced Care Requirement

A Rise and Recline chair can reduce the need for double-up care as it allows the patient to sit and stand safely. This limits the requirement for manual lifting to support them to get in and out of their chair and, with appropriate supporting equipment, allows them to move safely around their home, subject to their care assessment.

Reduced Risk of Falls

Falling while rising from a chair is one of the most common causes of hospitalisation and readmission among elderly patients. By raising the patient safely to a standing position, a Rise and Recline chair significantly reduces this risk.

Dignity in Care

The greatest benefit of all to the patient is that it helps them to maintain their independence and reduce their reliance on others to perform daily tasks. This is invaluable in preserving the mental wellbeing of the patient and ensuring they are able to lead an active and fulfilling life.

To find out more about how a Rise and Recline chair can help to support your patient, request a brochure or take a look at our range of Rise and Recline chairs to see the full range of benefits.

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