4 ways to stop elderly adults from falling out of bed

elderly getting out of bed holding a zimmer frame

Falling out of bed, particularly in the case of elderly or vulnerable people can cause serious injury. It can also affect that person’s confidence and their ability to feel safe and secure in their bed. This, in turn, can have a long term detrimental effect on their ability to get a good night’s sleep and further delay recovery.

When working with elderly or vulnerable patients, there are a number of measures you can take to prevent these types of falls from occurring as well as to help your patient get a good night’s sleep.

Side rails

Side rails attached to the bed prevent your patient from rolling out of bed during the night. Although a permanent feature, they can be lowered with ease to allow your patient to get in and out of bed. Side rails are a feature of hospital beds, such as Rise and Recline’s Clara bed and should be considered for patients with a long term risk of falling out of bed.

Positioning supports

Where there is a temporary risk of falling out of bed and no need to make any permanent adjustments to the patient’s sleep configuration, positioning supports will help reduce the risk of a fall. Cylindrical cushions and pillows can also be placed at the edge of the bed to create a barrier and prevent your patient from rolling out of bed.

Use a lower bed

For patients with a high risk of falling, a lower bed may be considered. This reduces the height of the fall and helps prevent injury from occurring. It can be coupled with a landing matt to further reduce the risk. Low hospital beds, such as the Clara Low can be raised or lowered to reduce the risk of injury from falling while still allowing patients to get in and out of bed with ease.

Use an electric adjustable bed

Falling out of bed can also occur when the patient is attempting to get in or out of bed. An adjustable bed, such as those manufactured by Rise and Recline, will allow your patient to raise themselves to a position where they can ease themselves in or out while keeping their weight supported.

To discover how Rise and Recline’s range of adjustable beds can help reduce the risk of falling out of bed, as well as other health benefits from an adjustable bed, you can request a free brochure online. Or for your free quote, simply use our online chair quotation tool.

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