How to reduce sliding and falls from chairs

elderly hands on leg

Elderly patients, as well as those suffering from low mobility, are at high risk of injury from falling. Even when a patient is seated, if they are sitting incorrectly, they are at risk of injury from sliding or falling from their chair. This can lead to a number of injuries and health complaints including:

  • Broken bones, bruising or wounds;
  • Pressure ulcers, caused by repeatedly sliding within the chair
  • Delayed rehabilitation, with repeat hospitalisation
  • A drop in confidence and dignity
  • Risks to carers from increased manual handling requirements.

Preventing Sliding and Falls from Chairs

The risk of this type of injury can be dramatically reduced with a proper seating assessment and a chair tailored to the patient’s height and leg lengths. Key considerations when assessing a patient’s requirements include:

  • Back Angle Recline. This allows the back angle of the chair to be adjusted and allow for a fixed hip angle which prevents the patient from being pulled forward in their seat.
  • Adjustable Seat Angle Recline. This enables the pelvis to be lowered in the chair, creating a stable supporting base when the patient is seated.
  • Riser Function. This enables the patient to be brought steadily to a standing position, supporting their weight as they rise.
  • Adjustable Footplate. 19% of a person’s body weight is transferred through the feet when the patient is seated. An adjustable footplate allows the patient to have their feet fully supported, ensuring even weight distribution throughout the body.

Sliding and falls from chairs are a serious cause of both injury and distress to your patient; fortunately, there are ways of avoiding this outcome. At Rise & Recline Healthcare, we specialise in healthcare furniture, providing the necessary equipment to Occupational Therapists and those working with patients at risk, to help them have the furniture needed to support them in their day-to-day lives.

To find out how our Rise and Recline chairs can help reduce the risk of falling, download our brochure or use our chair builder to get an online quote.

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