How Electric Riser Recliner Chairs Help With Back Pain

elderly hands on leg

Sitting for long periods of time, particularly with improper posture, can lead to extreme discomfort, medical conditions and back pain. If left unchecked, back pain can become chronic, making it more difficult for your patient to move around the home and to sleep at night.
If your patient is struggling with back pain and discomfort, an electric recliner chair should be considered as a way to alleviate the pain.

How a recliner chair helps to relieve back pain

Back pain is caused, or at least exacerbated, by additional pressure on the spine which supports the weight of the patient’s upper body while sitting. Poor posture will make this worse as the pressure will be unevenly distributed causing greater strain on the muscles surrounding the spine.

An electric recliner chair will provide your patient with some short term relief for the back pain by relieving pressure on the spine and reducing the discomfort. Additionally, Rise and Recline’s range of recliner chairs are manufactured to the patient’s measurements. This ensures the patient’s weight is evenly distributed through the legs, further relieving pressure on the spine, while helping to maintain good posture.

Massage function

Many of Rise and Recline’s range of recliner chairs are available with an in-built massage function. While this may feel like a frivolous addition to the purchase, it does offer benefits to the patient. The massage helps to relax the muscles around the spine, relieving the tension in the back and reducing spasms. It also helps to improve blood flow and circulation.

If you are interested in finding out more about supporting your patient with an electric recliner chair from Rise and Recline Ltd, use our online quote builder tool to get a quote for a chair meeting your patient’s exact requirements.

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