Finding the right chair for an arthritis sufferer

elderly hands on leg

Rise and Recline’s range of riser recliner chairs are tailored to provide relief for a wide range of health conditions. Aside from supporting patients to retain their independence, the assistive functions of a rise and recline chair also help to relieve the impact of a number of symptoms of chronic conditions, including arthritis. 

Arthritis can make it painful to sit and stand and even make it difficult to find a comfortable seating position. With the wrong chair, this can lead to further healthcare issues, exacerbated by poor posture and improper support. With the right chair, however, the issues surrounding arthritis can be minimised. 

Choose a higher-backed chair 

A higher backed chair ensures the patient’s spine is supported all the way up. As well as ensuring correct posture, this also relieves tension in the joints that are being used to keep the patient upright. 

Choose the right seat height for the patient 

Make sure you choose a chair that, like those from Rise and Recline Ltd. are manufactured to the patient’s specific dimensions. The seat should be at such a height as to allow the patient to sit with their feet rested flat on the floor with their knees at right angles. 


Armrests allow the patient to support their weight while standing. This relieves pressure on the knees and angles and reduces the impact of the arthritis in causing pain while rising. 

Space underneath the chair 

Being able to bring their feet beneath their body will enable the patient to better support their weight while rising, again, taking pressure away from the knee and hip joints. 

Rise and Recline functions 

Rise and recline chairs use a motor to raise the chair and support the patient to rise to their feet. The mechanism of the chair ensures the patient’s weight is supported throughout the standing motion. Rise and Recline chairs, come with several options depending on patient need. Take a look at our guide to the types of mechanism available to see the benefits of each. 

At Rise and Recline Ltd, we manufacture every chair to each user’s specific measurements. This provides a much-needed relief from a wide range of conditions including arthritis. Take a look at our range of chairs and discover the right chair for your patient.

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