Ensuring Patients are Sitting Comfortably in Their Rise and Recline Chair

Comfort in sitting is often seen as a relative and subjective concept. Different people sit differently and will naturally settle into a position that is comfortable for them. However, while a sitting position can initially be comfortable for the patient, holding it for prolonged periods of time can cause discomfort and lead to long term medical conditions. Shifting to a comfortable position can also be difficult for patients with mobility concerns.

It is therefore important that you support your patient to find a position that is comfortable as well as sustainable for longer periods of time, as well as ensuring that they can easily shift position without support.

Sitting posture

Achieving the right posture for your patient is critical in ensuring they are able to sit for longer periods of time without experiencing discomfort. The patient’s feet should be flat on the floor, to ensure correct weight distribution. The patient’s pelvis should also be correctly aligned and their spine straight. Rise and Recline’s range of adjustable furniture is custom built to each patient’s measurements to ensure correct posture can be comfortably maintained. See our a href=”https://www.riseandreclinehealthcare.co.uk/blog/importance-good-posture/”>article on posture for more information.

Recliner Feature

Rise and Recline’s range of adjustable chairs can be easily reclined at the touch of a button. This enables your patient to safely recline, while their weight is correctly distributed. This helps with the prevention of pressure ulcers as well as back problems.


Tilt-in-space can be a better option for patients with reduced mobility. With a tilt-in-space chair, the seat tilts backwards as the back of the chair reclines, ensuring the patient’s weight is supported. This reduces the risk of painful shearing and ensures the patient’s spine remains aligned.

Back Rests

All of Rise and Recline’s range of chairs are available in multiple styles with different cushion arrangements. Waterfall backs, particularly, are able to be customised to new configurations so you and your patient can find an arrangement which they find comfortable. Cushions and inserts are also available to provide additional support.

At Rise and Recline Ltd, we provide custom manufactured adjustable furniture designed to support your patients achieve greater comfort. Take a look at our full range of products or use our chair builder to find the right chair for your patient.

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