3 important points to assess a pressure management chair

Making sure that a piece of furniture is comfortable and easy to use is of paramount importance to both you and the client in ensuring that their needs are met.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss 3 important factors to consider when conducting a seating assessment for your client.


The level of comfort that your client experience when using the chair is key. When sitting for long periods of time the user can risk developing pressure ulcers if the chair is not tailored for their needs.

To find out how to measure the chair for your client read our guide here.

As well as the comfort level, the materials used in the chair can also affect the client’s comfort level. A chair with breathable material such as fabric can also reduce the chances of developing pressure ulcers.

Being able to adjust positions throughout the day is also a key factor in reducing the chance of ulcers. If your patient struggles with mobility getting a motorised chair may be necessary. Having the ability to adjust the chair at the touch of a button allows the user to redistribute their weight as necessary to prevent pressure building in a single area.

Ease of use

Making sure that your patient’s new recliner chair is designed with ease of use in mind is crucial for both the user and yourself. If there are multiple carers for a patient, intuitive controls are highly beneficial. Likewise in the event that multiple patients are going to be using the chair simple effective controls are necessary.


Safety can be a generic term. To better define it we have split it into two categories: weight and infection control.

A chair must be able to support the client’s weight. If the support a pressure management chair provides is inadequate for your patient, you may be faced with additional costs in the event of a breakage. Even worse your patient may be injured.

Another important consideration to make is infection control. Chairs that have removable areas for easy cleaning. This will improve the hygiene of the chair and maker it safer by allowing the infection to be controlled.

Rise and Recline Healthcare offers a range of pressure management chairs that are easy to use and fully adjustable through the use of dual motors. The safety of the chairs has been ensured through the use of removable parts that can be cleaned individually.

All chairs sold can be customised so that any weight can be supported. To view our full range of chairs, visit our website to request a brochure.

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