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How Riser Recliner chairs help with fluid retention

Riser Recliner chairs are a great option for patients who suffer from fluid retention. As you know, the fluid build up within the body causes the affected area to become swollen. Unfortunately, the predominantly affected areas tend to be the places of the body that are in need the most – the feet and ankles. […]

How Electric Riser Recliner Chairs Help With Back Pain

elderly hands on leg

Sitting for long periods of time, particularly with improper posture, can lead to extreme discomfort, medical conditions and back pain. If left unchecked, back pain can become chronic, making it more difficult for your patient to move around the home and to sleep at night. If your patient is struggling with back pain and discomfort, […]

How to Successfully Seat a Patient on the Bariatric Rise and Recline Chair

elderly sitting in chair holding a ball

In working with a bariatric patient with reduced mobility, there are additional considerations, not just with the moving and handling of the patient, but also in reducing the risks associated with sitting for prolonged periods. Choosing the right chair Successfully seating a bariatric patient starts with selecting the right chair, one which is designed to […]

Ensuring Patients are Sitting Comfortably in Their Rise and Recline Chair

Comfort in sitting is often seen as a relative and subjective concept. Different people sit differently and will naturally settle into a position that is comfortable for them. However, while a sitting position can initially be comfortable for the patient, holding it for prolonged periods of time can cause discomfort and lead to long term […]

The Features of a Riser Recliner Chair

While a recliner chair is often thought of as a luxury item, somewhere to relax and put your feet up at the end of the day. However, as well as increased comfort, Riser Recliner chairs are an often overlooked mobility aid that offer real health benefits to patients. Rise and Recline chairs come with a […]

Why Reclining Chairs are so Beneficial for Elderly Patients

elderly sitting in chair holding a ball

When taking care of elderly patients, particularly as mobility deteriorates, it is important to equip their home appropriately in order to maintain independence and preserve dignity, while at the same time keeping them safe from injury. However, while grab rails and bath lifts and other equipment are invaluable in providing a safe environment, an often […]

How Tilt-in-Space chairs provide pressure relief

Incorrect seating arrangements for your patients can lead to a number of additional health concerns, including pressure ulcers and an increased risk of injury from falling. For patients with reduced mobility, an option for reducing this risk is to use a tilt-in-space chair. What is a tilt-in-space riser recliner chair? While there are numerous benefits […]

How to reduce sliding and falls from chairs

elderly hands on leg

Elderly patients, as well as those suffering from low mobility, are at high risk of injury from falling. Even when a patient is seated, if they are sitting incorrectly, they are at risk of injury from sliding or falling from their chair. This can lead to a number of injuries and health complaints including: Broken […]

4 ways to stop elderly adults from falling out of bed

elderly getting out of bed holding a zimmer frame

Falling out of bed, particularly in the case of elderly or vulnerable people can cause serious injury. It can also affect that person’s confidence and their ability to feel safe and secure in their bed. This, in turn, can have a long term detrimental effect on their ability to get a good night’s sleep and […]

Importance of good sitting posture

elderly hands on leg

Good posture can have a myriad of health benefits, including improved respiratory function and increased energy. Poor posture, on the other hand, can lead to serious health problems from aches and pains to headaches through to long term chronic conditions. And while it may sound extreme, poor posture can also lead to death. So it is […]

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